Spiritual growth and education is essential to Christian living.

As we grow in our knowledge of the Holy Scriptures,

our minds and lives are transformed.

Mid-Week Bible Study, Tuesday's and Wednesday's

Join us for Bible Study every Tuesday from 11 am to 12 noon.  If you have any questions, please email Deacon Luana Schilling at: Luana34@optonline.net 


 Wednesday Night Bible Studies at 7:30pm

Option #1:   ZOOM (video conferencing)  download ZOOM  "App" to your smartphone or computer and join the Bible Study/Meeting by entering the meeting ID: 384 818 9954. 


Option #2: You can also, join the study group by dialing 646-876-9923 and enter the Bible Study/meeting ID number: 

384 818 9954


Option #3:  Or better yet, you can join the study group in person, pastor David’s office; use school door entrance.

Confirmation Classes

2019-2020 Confirmation Classes are scheduled to start Tuesday, November, 12th through Tuesday, May 19, 2020  


Confirmation Program: All students participating in Confirmation Classes are encouraged to be active participants during Sunday Worship Service at 9:15am. 

Children's Ministries At Grace (pre-school-6th grade)

At Grace Lutheran Church Children are invited and welcomed during our weekly Sunday Worship Service at 9:15am. Children at Grace Lutheran Church are very much a part of our worshiping community. Their presence here is bases on the biblical and Lutheran understanding that children are members of the Christian Community. 


Worship is one of the basic ways people learn what it means to live in God’s Amazing Grace and how live out their Christian faith in the world with both our words and actions. Children learn to worship by worshiping with the congregation Sunday after Sunday.


During our  9:15 am Sunday worship service , the pastor will share a short suitable age-appropriate message with all children. 


Here are some of the benefits your child will gain from weekly Sunday worship:  


They learn Christian values. 

They learn that they belong to Christ and are welcome at Grace Lutheran Church. 

They learn to sing song of worship and praise.  


They learn and discover that they are valued as person by God’s Grace and by church participants; the “People of God.”

They will also witness the drama of Holy Baptism and Holy Communion-both visible signs of God’s amazing Grace.