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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Assembly

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We Are Ready For You!

Miss Nicole
Miss Nicole
Ms. Barbara / 3-year-old
Ms. Barbara / 3-year-old
Ms. Barbara : 4 year olds
Ms. Barbara : 4 year olds
Miss Nicole
Miss Nicole
Ms. Jackie
Ms. Jackie
Mrs. Carole
Mrs. Carole
1st Grade
1st Grade
2nd Grade
2nd Grade


Meet Angela Lin, illustrator of her first picture book at the age of 4!

(We are SO proud of her and are truly happy that she was a part of our Grace family!)

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Angela Lin joined the Grace Family in September 2018 as a

3-year-old in Ms. Nicole's class.   The following year, at the age of 4, her teacher, Ms. Schachtel, quickly recognized her gift for drawing, encouraging her to keep at it.  Not long after the start of the school year, the world was struck by Covid 19.  During lockdown, here in New York, Angela kept busy chronicling her experience through drawing and painting.  The Result? A children's book!

Click Here to purchase a copy on Amazon.

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When Covid-19 created a change in circumstance, forcing us to close our school doors and begin remote learning, we missed our Grace family tremendously...

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Love God.

Love Learning.

Love Others.

Grace is a school where teachers, parents and students all know we are valued because God loves us all. We are a Christ-centered school where a safe and nurturing environment leads to high academic standards and personal growth.  Our students are in a safe and caring environment, surrounded by a loving and dedicated staff interested in the development and well-being of each student. Our mission is simple: Love Jesus. Love Learning. Love Others. 


Our 2-3 year-old &

Pre-K programs

Preschool programs give your child a head start.  By the time they're ready for kindergarten, they can already have a good grasp of basics in math, art, handwriting, the alphabet and  reading. We also offer "The Bilingual Birdies Program," which will teach your child Spanish in a fun and engaging way through interactive songs and puppet shows. With limited class sizes, our loving and dedicated staff build your child's interest in learning.  Your child will increase their ability to build healthy relationships and learn core skills that will prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.

We offer a half day program for 2-years-old and a choice of a half and full-day program for  3-year-olds.  Students in our full-day programs must be potty trained.

Our staff is dedicated to teaching core social skills that will increase your child's ability to build healthy relationships and adapt to new environments.  Our loving and nurturing teachers at Grace make it their goal to provide young children with a good emotional and social foundation, enabling them to become more confident, able, and ready to learn much more as the years go by.


Class Schedule

2-Year-Old Program

Tuesday & Thursday 9:15a - 11:15a

Tuesday & Thursday 12:45p - 2:45p

3-Year-Old Program

2 DAYS:   Tuesday & Thursday 9:00a - 11:30a

3 DAYS:   Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9:00a - 11:30a

3 DAYS:   Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12:30p - 3:00p

3 DAYS:   Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9:00a-3:00p

4 DAYS:   Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 9:00a - 11:30a

5 DAYS:   Monday - Friday 9:00a - 11:30a

5 DAYS:   Monday - Friday 9:00a - 3:00p

4-Year-Old Program

3 DAYS:   Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8:30a - 11:30a

3 DAYS:   Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12:30p - 3:30p

3 DAYS:   Monday/Wednesday/Friday 8:30a - 3:30

5 DAYS:   Monday - Friday 8:30a - 11:30a

5 DAYS:   Monday - Friday 12:30p - 3:30p

5 DAYS:   Monday - Friday 8:30a - 3:30p


Day School K-6

Grace is the Place where children are challenged to meet the highest levels of achievement against a backdrop of sound Christian doctrine.

Our students embark on their journey in a secure, nurturing and enriching environment.  While our goal is academic excellence, it's our mission to emphasize development of the whole child-- intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, and especially spiritually.

Our highly qualified teachers, who teach using modern smart board technology, and current teaching practices enforce our solid, common-core based education.

Beyond our common-core curriculum, students participate in weekly classes taught by specialists in art, technology, music, physical education and Spanish!

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Wanda Walters

Principal Wanda Walters

Wanda Walters received her A.A.S.  in Early Childhood from Nassau Community College in 1986 before advancing to a B.S. in Elementary Education from Old Westbury College, an M.A.  in Elementary Education from Queens College, and an M.A. in Administration in Education by 2005.

After 12 years of service as a teacher at Grace Lutheran Church and School, Ms. Walters went on to become the Principal, serving on the Long Island Lutheran Jr. Sr. High School and Lutheran School Association Board.  In 2009, she was recognized as Lutheran School Administrator of the Year.

With over 30 years in the field of education, Ms. Walters is a high energy, effective, and passionate leader, committed to academic advancement and personal growth of Grace students.