To ensure the safety of our parishioners during this pandemic, worship service & Bible study are temporarily suspended. We are hoping to resume service on April 5th.  

(Stay tuned for updates and changes)

Please read the latest letter from Pastor David Anglada below.

Dear friends in Christ, 


As the Coronavirus spreads, we are called as people of faith to protect and care for one another, especially the most vulnerable among us. As a step towards doing this, Susan Lowe, President of The Board of Trustees, and I believe that we should not gather physically for worship in our church building for the next two weeks, between now and March 29th. It is our sincere prayer that we will gather for worship on Sunday, April 5th, (Palm Sunday). We will assess the situation and adjust as necessary. The aforementioned is consistent with the recommendations given to us from The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), The Metropolitan New York Synod, as well as the Governor’s Office of New York State.


Why? The Coronavirus is now a pandemic and we are responsible for one another. According to the Federal Government, the virus has spread throughout the entire United States. We can't stop the spread, but we can slow it down, thereby saving thousands of lives and helping ensure that our health care system remains effective. 


Therefore, social distancing is our best means of slowing the spread. The majority of churches who are members of the ELCA have made the same decision to suspend worship services in our church buildings as COVID-19 cases have increased in the United States.


While we won't gather at Grace Lutheran Church for worship these next two Sundays, God will be worshipped and praised. I encourage you to pray daily, spend time reading your daily devotions, call your congregational friends and pray for each other. During the next two weeks, I will share a brief message here on our website, which will be posted on Sunday mornings at 9:00am. 


People of God be not afraid. God is with us; God is good. God is leading us and guiding us even now. God is teaching us how to be Church in ways that might not be what we know to be Church, but in ways that will be faithful. 


I want to assure you that God loves you and will not abandon us; God will always accompany us. Please know that we are here for you. Please feel free to call me for pastoral emergencies at 917-705-2975. You can also reach me at


Faithfully yours, 


David Anglada 

Pastor David Anglada, S.T.M.

Third Week in Lent

Welcome to Grace Lutheran Church

Pastor David Anglada


“Grace Lutheran Church” is truly a gorgeous mosaic Christian assembly. No matter whom you love, no matter how you look, no matter what you do, Grace Lutheran Church and School in Malverne, New York has something specifically for you. We welcome you just as you are and no matter where you are on life’s journey.

At “Grace”, we extend a warm welcome to people of all races, cultures, colors, ages, backgrounds, and to people of every legal, economic and marital status. We celebrate your identity as a gift from God and we welcome you to a diverse multicultural community of believers united in the Gospel of Jesus. 

I look forward to connecting with you,

Pastor David Anglada

Saturday Worship

5:00 pm

Sunday Worship

9:15 am

Grace School

Wednesday Worship

8:40 am

What to Expect?

  • Our worship celebration consists of songs of worship and praise, listening to the Holy Scriptures, a life-application message, prayers, and Holy Communion.

  • Our Saturday worship celebration is a "Service of the Word"; it does not include songs and hymns.

  • Our Sunday worship celebration includes a blend of contemporary Christian songs and traditional hymns.

  • Holy communion is offered weekly and all are welcomed to partake. 

  • During our Children's message, children are invited to gather in the front of the church where the Pastor gives a brief, engaging , and child-friendly teaching before they are dismissed to Sunday school.

  • Children participate in a fun and interactive Sunday school lesson and activity in the school gymnasium before returning to the sanctuary to participate in Holy Communion.

  • Our worship services are approximately an hour on Saturdays, and an hour and fifteen minutes on Sundays.

  • All are welcome to join us in our weekly Sunday, community gathering in the gymnasium following our worship celebration.  Coffee, tea (and other beverages), bagels, pastries, and deserts are provided.


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Board of Trustees

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Susan Lowe, Marc Kerr, and Patti Oettinger